About the Conference

Attend WPPI & Learn from the Top Photographers in the World

Roberto Valenzuela at WPPI Conference

The biggest wedding and portrait photography show in the country, WPPI offers an affordable education and photo walk program that features the leading photography instructors from around the world. Over the course of four days, WPPI features 200-plus portrait and wedding photography classes, with training in a wide range of photographic subjects. Past speakers include Lindsay Adler, Sue Bryce, Jerry Ghionis, Peter Hurley, Julieanne Kost, Tamara Lackey, Joe McNally, Brooke Shaden, Susan Stripling, Roberto Valenzuela [pictured above], Jose Villa, and many others.

You can also enhance your educational experience at WPPI by adding an in-depth PLUS Class or intensive Master Class, or get inspirational training on our professionally led Photo Walks.

WPPI offers Photography Classes and Training from a Wide Variety of Educational Tracks

WPPI classes come in a diverse and wide-ranging selection of tracks for portrait and wedding photographers, including:

  • Business & Marketing
  • Drones
  • Foreign Language
  • Inspirational
  • Lighting & Posing
  • Motivational
  • Portrait
  • Special Events
  • Technical & Design
  • Wedding
  • Workflow

Learn from the top professionals in the industry in an intimate classroom setting, or dive into hands-on PLUS or Master Classes and day-long intensives.

A PLUS Class is a one-day, intimate and intensive learning experience. Limited to 25 participants per class, you’ll experience classroom learning through a 2-3 hour presentation by one of our world-class photography instructors followed by hands-on training through an afternoon of shooting on location.

A Master Class is a focused two-hour, hands-on session limited to 50 participants that provides a detailed learning experience. Master Class tracks cover a wide variety of vital photography and filmmaking topics.

Photo Walks are exclusive, 90-minute shootouts limited to 25 people each that focus on teaching participants to sharpen their observation and composition skills while shooting alongside an industry leader. Each Photo Walk will demonstrate the leader’s unique skill set, including everything from off-camera lighting, posing, gear and lens selection and much, much more.