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On The Road: Los Angeles
Los Angeles Marriott Hotel
Monday, July 15, 2013 - Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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  Join us for a WPPI Film Premiere

We will premiere the WPPI Film during On the Road in Los Angeles on Monday, July 15.
All attendees are invited to attend! Join us for reception 5:45 pm - 6:30pm, followed by the film premiere and Q&A with director, Scion Michel.

To view the trailer, please click here

  Here is the list of Speakers and Tracks:

Genuine Reinvention
Monday 10:15-11:45 AM
Sponsored by Graphistudio
  Yervant is a master at turning new styles into international benchmarks. Proficient in all aspects of technology, his ability to adapt through genuine reinvention continues to wow us. In this session, he’ll share new images and discuss the impact of the economic downturn. Hear how new trends and other factors have affected the industry and how his studio survived, while repositioning their brand at a higher echelon.

Lindsay Adler
Conquering Challenging Light
Monday 4:15-5:45 PM + Tuesday 10:15-11:45 AM, 2:15-3:45 PM
Sponsored by SIGMA
+ Millers
You don't always have the ability to shoot in ideal light, but you’re expected to create beautiful images regardless of conditions. In this session, Lindsay Adler will cover the 10 most challenging lighting situations and how to conquer them. She’ll also discuss light modifiers, flash and other ways to handle the most difficult lighting situations.

  Mike Long
Plain Jane to Pin-Up Bombshell
Monday 8:15-9:45 AM
Sponsored by Finao
  Pin-Up photographer Mike Long will walk you through turning your clients from the girl next door into a pin-up superstar. Along the way he'll show you how to incorporate pin-ups in your studio's line-up, plus offer some trade secrets for getting those awesome relaxed smiles and 'oops' faces!

Roberto Valenzuela
Take a Ride on the Wild Side!
Monday 8:15-9:45 AM
Sponsored by Graphistudio
A high-end wedding is a fast-paced and unforgiving environment, where the challenges keep stacking up, yet the client’s expectations remain higher than ever. Learn how to forecast and respond to potential problem scenarios as well as psychological tactics for diffusing difficult people. Roberto Valenzuela will show you the techniques he uses to efficiently capture high-level, artistic images in any situation, for wedding photography at the highest level.

Jared Platt
Post-Production Speed in Lightroom and Photoshop CS6
Monday 2:15-3:45 PM
Sponsored by Adobe
  Whether you are shooting portraits, editorial or weddings, you spend a lot of time behind the camera, only to be followed by even more time behind the computer.  It's time to reverse that equation and spend your time where you make your money.  Join Jared Platt as he demonstrates a lightning-fast and effective strategy for using Lightroom and Photoshop to make short work of the overwhelming task of post-production. Platt will also demonstrate some of the powerful new features in Lightroom 5's beta version.

Rafael “RC” Concepcion
Professional Portrait Retouching (The Basics)
Tuesday 10:15-11:45 AM
Sponsored by Kelby Training
Photographers get paid for shooting, not retouching, yet everyone expects fully retouched results. In this seminar you’ll learn how to get pro-quality, retouched final images without spending hours on every file. Pete Collins will present step-by-step methods for fixing, enhancing and finishing your portraits in Photoshop. You'll also learn the best techniques for enhancing facial details and subtle body-sculpting tips to make your subjects look their best.

Matt Kloskowski
Advanced Retouching and Special Effects
Tuesday 2:15-3:45 PM
Sponsored by Kelby Training

Matt Klowkowski will dive into advanced retouching techniques for portraits, unlocking the secrets of Photoshop's selection tools. He'll also share tips and tricks for compositing, such as placing a person in a different file so the lighting, shadows and overall atmosphere look just right. He'll finish up with some of the hottest special effects trends for enhancing your images with that professional, yet creative look.

Moderator: Debra Weiss
Panelists: Glen Wexler, Mike Piscatelli & Tierney Gearon
TALK! Top Photographer Perspectives on Commercial Work
Monday 11:45-1:15 PM
Sponsored by Photo District News (PDN)

Creative Consultant Debra Weiss talks with three leading photographers about what makes them tick. Who inspires their work and how do they balance their business and personal life? How do they keep their creative juices flowing and what do they envision for the future? In this session, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge and behold spectacular imagery from photographers at different levels in their careers.

Vanessa Joy & Rob Adams
Beyond the Same Day Edit
Monday 4:15-5:45 PM
Sponsored by Black River Imaging
In this session, Vanessa Joy + Rob Adams will show you how to photograph a wedding with publications in mind, maximize your SEO and Facebook social marketing, plus capture new leads without costly advertising. You’ll learn how to improve all your wedding workflow, social media and marketing tasks on the night of the wedding—while wowing your clients and their guests with a same-day slideshow and album.

  Joe Simon
A Journey in Visual Storytelling
Monday 2:15-3:45 PM
Sponsored by Panasonic
  Join wedding cinematographer Joe Simon as he breaks down his film productions and shows how he crafts each of his storylines step-by-step. Wedding and event photographers looking to push their skills to the next level will benefit from Simon’s knowledge and the inner thinking behind his shoots and cuts to make your films stand out from the rest.

Colleen Wainwright
Build a Better Business through Branding, Marketing & Sales
Tuesday 4:15-5:45 PM
Sponsored by American Society Media Photographers (ASMP)
  In today’s highly competitive photography market, talent alone won’t get you far. To grow a successful business, you need a solid understanding of branding, marketing and sales. Full of practical tips and actionable advice, this lively and pragmatic seminar will help you find the right prospects for your business, engage them effectively and close the deal.

Jenna Close
ASMP's Photo Business Boot Camp
Monday 10:15-11:45 AM
Sponsored by American Society Media Photographers (ASMP)
  Building a successful photography career takes more than great pictures. You need a solid understanding of core business skills. This engaging and informative seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the essential business tools all photographers must understand. From insurance and taxes to licensing, pricing and paperwork, you’ll get the needed tools, knowledge and resources to build a successful business as an independent creator.

Jerry Ghionis
Five Steps to Creating a Powerful Image
Monday 11:45-1:15 PM
Sponsored by Finao
Watch our video Interview with Jerry
  Jerry Ghionis will deconstruct the five steps to creating a well-crafted image, from the proper foundation in finding the right light to evoking emotions in your subjects. He believes in respecting "old school" rules but making them relevant for the 21st century. Posing doesn't have to be stiff or stuffy—with Ghionis’s system of spontaneity, you’ll learn to create the spontaneous moments that make a pose believable.

  Peter Hurley
The Art Behind The Headshot: Top 10 tips
Tuesday 8:15-9:45 AM
Sponsored by B&H
  In this class Peter delves into his top 10 most critical tips for creating a successful headshot.  You'll get his take on positioning your subject along with insight as to how you can pull creative and captivating expressions out of your subject.  These tips are rooting in Peter's firm belief that direction in portraiture is the icing on the cake, so these gems are sure to get you firing in the right direction whenever someone steps foot in front of your camera.

  Mary Virginia Swanson
Understanding the Value of Your Work within Multiple Markets
Tuesday 11:45-1:15 PM
Sponsored by American Society Media Photographers
  One of the most exciting recent developments for photographers is the growth of new markets for their work. Whether shown on a museum wall or in a corporate office, reproduced to promote a book cover or advertise a product, the value of that photograph is different for each buyer. In this seminar, Mary Virginia Swanson will discuss the value of your work within today's photography marketplace.
  Note: Speakers and Tracks are subject to change

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