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   On The Road: Chicago
Monday, May 20, 2013 - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Here is the list of Speakers and Tracks:

Lindsay Adler
Conquering Challenging Light
Sponsored by SIGMA + Millers
  You don't always have the ability to shoot in ideal light, but you’re expected to create beautiful images regardless of conditions. In this session, Lindsay Adler will cover the 10 most challenging lighting situations and how to conquer them. She’ll also discuss light modifiers, flash and other ways to handle the most difficult lighting situations.
Doug Gordon
The Posing Project
Sponsored by Bay Photo
Join Doug Gordon as he reveals his unique flow posing system. Learn how to seamlessly move from one pose to the next while creating a string of more than 50 unique poses with sensuality, personality and flair—all within a few minutes. Gordon knows what clients’ want and how to deliver a flawless product. His style and personality are unique, so prepare for a wild ride!

Bob Davis
Getting Near Perfect Color In-Camera
Sponsored by GraphiStudio
See the video Interview with Bob
Canon Explorer of Light Bob Davis will share his wisdom of getting near perfect color in-camera. Davis is an expert in obtaining great looking images from any lighting condition, and he’s excited to share his techniques with you! So if aspects of lighting, exposure and color have eluded you in the past, you won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to learn from a master of color and light.

Jared Platt
Post-Production Speed in Lightroom and Photoshop CS6
Sponsored by Adobe
   Whether you are shooting portraits, editorial or weddings, you spend a lot of time behind the camera, only to be followed by even more time behind the computer.  It's time to reverse that equation and spend your time where you make your money.  Join Jared Platt as he demonstrates a lightning-fast and effective strategy for using Lightroom and Photoshop to make short work of the overwhelming task of post-production.  Jared will also demonstrate some of the powerful new features in Lightroom 5 beta.

Jen Rozenbaum

Recreate Your Boudoir Business
Sponsored by White House Custom Color (WHCC)
Watch the video Interview with Jen

Boudoir photographer Jennifer Rozenbaum used to photograph close to 300 clients annually, but her low prices had her working way too hard for very little return. In this session, Rozenbaum will explain how she recreated her business to work smarter, not harder. She’ll also discuss how to appeal to a higher end clientele and ways to make your clients’ experience amazing.

Blake Discher
Build a Better Business through Branding, Marketing & Sales 

Sponsored by American Society Media Photographers (ASMP)
In today’s highly competitive photography market, talent alone won’t get you far. To grow a successful business, you need a solid understanding of branding, marketing and sales. Full of practical tips and actionable advice, this lively and pragmatic seminar will help you find the right prospects for your business, engage them effectively and close the deal.

Mike Long

Plain Jane to Pin-Up Bombshell

Sponsored by Finao
Pin-Up photographer Mike Long will walk you through turning your clients from the girl next door into a pin-up superstar. Along the way he'll show you how to incorporate pin-ups in your studio's line-up, plus offer some trade secrets for getting those awesome relaxed smiles and 'oops' faces!

Giulio Sciorio
HYBRID: Photo + Video + Audio
Sponsored by Panasonic
Hybrid photographer Giulio Sciorio will teach you to use all the photo+video+audio tools at your fingertips to offer clients a hybrid product of still, motion and sound, while growing your business to cater to the more than one billion screens expected by 2016. He’ll empower you to see current trends, identify where photography is headed and prepare you for future opportunities by shooting smarter, not harder.

Rafael RC Concepcion
Advanced Retouching and Special Effects
Sponsored by Kelby Training
  Rafael “RC” Concepcion will dive into advanced retouching techniques for portraits, unlocking the secrets of Photoshop's selection tools. He'll also share tips and tricks for compositing, such as placing a person in a different file so the lighting, shadows and overall atmosphere look just right. He'll finish up with some of the hottest special effects trends for enhancing your images with that professional, yet creative look.

Pete Collins
Professional Portrait Retouching (The Basics)
Sponsored by Kelby Training
Photographers get paid for shooting, not retouching, yet everyone expects fully retouched results. In this seminar you’ll learn how to get pro-quality, retouched final images without spending hours on every file. Pete Collins will present step-by-step methods for fixing, enhancing and finishing your portraits in Photoshop. You'll also learn the best techniques for enhancing facial details and subtle body-sculpting tips to make your subjects look their best.


Judy Herrmann
ASMP's Photo Business Boot Camp
Sponsored by American Society for Media Photographers (ASMP)

  Building a successful photography career takes more than great pictures. You need a solid understanding of core business skills. This engaging and informative seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the essential business tools all photographers must understand. From insurance and taxes to licensing, pricing and paperwork, you'll get the needed tools, knowledge and resources to build a successful business as an independent creator.

Moderator: Debra Weiss
Panelists: Sandro, Kevin Miyazaki & Saverio Truglio
TALK! Top Photographer Perspectives on Commercial Work 
Sponsored by Photo District News (PDN)


Creative Consultant Debra Weiss sits down with three leading photographers to learn what makes them tick. What made them become photographers initially? Who and what inspires their work? How do they balance their business life with their personal life? How do they keep their creative juices flowing and what do they envision for the future? We'll expose you to a wealth of knowledge and imagery from photographers at different levels in their careers, which you won't want to miss. 


Mary Virginia Swanson
Understanding the Value of Your Work within Multiple Markets
Sponsored by American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)


One of the most exciting recent developments for photographers is the growth of new markets for their work. Whether a print is shown on a museum wall or in a corporate office, reproduced to promote a book cover or advertise a product, the value of that photograph is different for each buyer. In this seminar, Mary Virginia Swanson will provide an overview the value of your work within today's photography marketplace.

David and Whitney Scott
The Lucrative Sales Session
Sponsored by Black River Imaging
See the video Interview with David and Whitney

David and Whitney Scott take the fear out of in-person sales by demonstrating how it’s done in their home office, projecting images on the wall. Many of the same sales techniques can also be done on your laptop in a cafe or your client's home. They’ll also share tips for making sales low-pressure and seamless by creating a successful pricing structure, guiding the process and educating clients.

Chuck Arlund
Course Description to come
Sponsored by Millers
See the video Interview with Chuck

  Learn how to walk into any lighting situation without fear and nail the image. See inside Chuck Arlund’s head as he transforms his vision into an image. Learn how he utilizes whatever is around to create the light—everything from his own modifiers to broken mirrors.

Blair Phillips
Senior Portraits Outdoors in Any Condition
Blair Phillips used to feel constrained by his studio walls, so he decided to make a change. Taking his studio lighting outdoors to shoot against unique locations instead of studio sets has resulted in the exponential growth of his business, almost overnight. In this session, he’ll demonstrate how to combine studio strobes, fashion forward posing and unique outdoor locations for gorgeous high school senior portraits.

Kenny Kim

  Kenny will share his techniques to light tough destination wedding locations as well as the fool-proof portable lighting set-up he uses when traveling around the world.  Packing for a destination wedding can be challenging, so the tricks to make all that gear "fit" will be covered. Kenny will also give his best travel tips in this fun hands-on demonstration class.

  Note: Speakers and Tracks are subject to change

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